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How install Tin Roof mounting system

Xiamen Sunforson Power Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 15, 2016
How install Tin Roof mounting system
     General this situation see you select which species solar, flat solar relative for compared heavy, because main is aluminum, and copper tube, and tempered glass composition, price to your some. vacuum tube solar words relative for on compared light, price cheap, if you configuration of tank is unlikely to words installation in color steel w is no problem of, because many factory of hostel are is directly installation in color steel w Shang, but tank had big certainly no, tank more big loaded of water more more, weight on more heavy.
Basically, enough water no problem for three, solar water heaters but you put color steel tile below fixed a few small channels or angles, not too thin. on the steel or the angle bracket to the solar trough, and then sealed with sealant waterproofing.

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