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How to choose cable clip in solar system

Xiamen Sunforson Power Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 15, 2018

How to choose cable clip in solar system

The expected life span of a solar system that is about 25 years, so the uselife of these components like solar panels, batteries, inverters, and solar mounting supports is expect to be 25 years. However, there is a small but important detail worth noting, but it is always easy to be ignored.

This important detail is the solar cable clip. Some people did not pay attention on it at first, and simply choose plastic cable clips. For a long time, it will not be aging or damage. Cables are not effectively fixed and the cable skin is damaged, which in turn affects the entire photovoltaic solar system.

So hereby we suggest that we must choose a very long uselife metal cable clamps. Xiamen Sunforson manufacture 2-wire cable clips and 4-wire cable clips, they are made of stainless steel 304 material, the uselife of more than 25 years, and the installation is very simple, cheap, deeply be loved by the market.

If any demands for cable clips, or other solar mounting components like aluminum rail, mid/end clamps, thin-fil clamsp, L feet, hanger bolt, roof hooks, adjustable leg group etc, welcome to contact them at info@sunforson.com, good products are waiting for you.

SunRack solar cable clip with 2-wire 4-wire specification (1).jpg

SFS-CC-01 2-wire cable clip

SunRack solar cable clip with 2-wire 4-wire specification (3).jpg

SFS-CC-02 4-wire cable clip


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