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How to mount solar panels on roof

Xiamen Sunforson Power Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017
Source: Xiamen Sunforson Power Co., Ltd.

We have introduced the solar installation on flat roof before; today let us discuss the install type on different pitched roofs.

Normally, in the photovoltaic installation, the solar panels are supported by a metal frame and exhibit a pre-set inclination. The panel array is mounted on the roof by fixing the bracket to the roof with screws. This installation method will increase the roof load and wind stress and other issues. However, since the airflow path completely surrounds the battery pack, the assembly can maintain a relatively low operating temperature, thereby increasing efficiency.

Sunforson adopts different foundation to fix the aluminum rail with variety of roofs. For example, stainless steel hooks for tile roof, aluminum L feet for trapezoid metal roof and hanger bolt for corrugated tin roof, also the flashing plate group for shingle roof etc. which could solve all the installation issue. If there is any demands for above, welcome to contact them with info@sunforson.com.


stainless steel hooks for tile roof

SFS-FG-01 L Feet Group(new)2.JPG

aluminum L feet for trapezoid metal roof

SFS-SBG-01  Stud bolt group.JPG

hanger bolt for corrugated tin roof

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