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SunRack 90°Stainless Steel Solar Cable Clips

Xiamen Sunforson Power Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 15, 2017
Source: Xiamen Sunforson Power Co.,Ltd

The SunRack module wire management clips are easy to install and fits onto a wide range of module frames. Clips can be installed perpendicular on the module frame/rail edge

Suitable range for cables: 4x4mm2/4x6mm2/2x10mm2/2x4mm2+2x6mmx/2x4mm2+2x10mm2

Diameter of cables:5.6mm-8.3mm

Compatible on modules with a flange thickness range :1 to 3 mm, best adopted for 1.5mm-2mm



  1.   High quality, long-lasting, labor savings, wire management solution.

  2.   Superior corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel

  3.    Coined edges to help protect cable insulation from damage


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