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Strong Demand For Solar Energy Continue To Rise
Xiamen Sunforson Power Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

China Photovoltaic Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua made a speech according to 2017 first half of the development review and the second half of the situation outlook, pointed out that the scale of the photovoltaic industry continued to expand, the cost continues to decline, technology continues to progress, and sum up import and export characteristics during 2017 January-May:

1, PV products monthly exports are more than 1 billion US dollars, the average monthly export volume of 1.127 billion US dollars;

2, Exports of photovoltaic products fell year on year, exports have increased year on year;

3, The price of photovoltaic products under the downward trend, monocrystalline silicon unit price remained stable;

4, With the establishment of overseas factories, the main export market of silicon transferred from Taiwan, China to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian market;

5, Component export market from Europe and the United States mature market to emerging markets trend is obvious, including India, Brazil, Pakistan, Mexico and so on;

6, Polysilicon monthly imports are more than 10,000 tons, the average monthly imports of about 11,200 tons.

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